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Workbench Entertainment is a team of young, enthusiastic game developers from Skopje , Macedonia.

White Line
Our dream is to become a well known game studio that makes awesome games that people will enjoy playing. We’re currently giving our best and putting a lot of effort in our first game. We’re working everyday, designing and discussing about new ideas and what can be implemented into the game, removing bad things and trying to be as creative as possible.

  •  “The game designer shouldn’t be making a world in which the player is just a small part.
    The player’s the boss, it’s your duty to entertain him or her.”

    John Carmackon the creative ethos for DOOM, 21 years ago
  • “A lot of indie developers who became “overnight successes”
    were working at it for ten years.”

    Dan AdelmanNintendo's Indie Champion
  • “If you don’t finish your game one week, that’s okay.
    Give yourself a break and jump right onto the project next week.”

    Adriel WallickMsMinotaur
  • “Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing.
    We just have a gut assumption.”

    Cliff BleszinskiBoss Key Productions
  • “You can make an amazing game but you can’t make a success.
    Your players make the success.”

    Imre JeleBossa Studios

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Our Projects

Black LineCover FinalWhat is worse? Knowing that you are in a nightmare or knowing that you cannot get out of it?

Father and daughter are having a family meeting with their cousins, grandfather and grandmother. After having an exceptionally good time, they are going back home.
Unfortunately someone had a few drinks more than he should have, and ends up with a pretty bad headache. Unable to continue to drive, he decides to look for a place to spend the night with his daughter and get some rest.
All of a sudden, their wonderful night with the whole family turn into their worst night ever.

Who would ever think that after such a great time, a disaster would happen? Who would ever think that their family gathering might be their last gathering?White Line




Black Line


What game developers do when they are free? They make perfect edges, and not so perfect platforms!

Box Bloy is a game designed to tickle your brain cells and test your quick decision making and tactical thinking. You need to complete the challenge to your mind in as little time as possible.
More efficient and quick your moves are, the better your score!


Black Line

YouTube Licensing Terms:

Creative Commons Attribution License
Others can record videos from our games, publish and monetize them. But only if the user gives credit and supplies the necessary links in the video description.
For a signed paper copy please contact us on the contact form below.

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Last year we were working on a small demo version from our upcoming game "Wounded". We were interested in how

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After a period of passive development (laziness) we decided it was time do something about the graphics. We needed to

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After a few experiments with building stuff in Unity and writing some scripts, we begun to feel confident enough to

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Our core team



Vasko is the proud president of Workbench Entertainment and the main "get it done" guy in our team.

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Bojan is one of the founders of “Workbench Entertainment”. He is 18 years old and he lives in Skopje, Macedonia.

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Founder/Level Designer

Besides being 18 years old and currently in high school, he studies Interior Design which grants him for lead level designer

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Senior Artist

He is the lead photoshop designer with over 4 years of experience with photoshop and other designing programs.

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Graphics Designer

Sergej is the graphic designer of our team. He apparently lives in Skopje, Macedonia and has been alive for 17 years.

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Nikolaj is the main presenter and when it comes to playing and reviewing games, he is the right guy.

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